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Professional Teeth Whitening in London, ON

Are your yellowed teeth affecting your confidence? We at Galleria Dental Centre can help. We provide a variety of dental services, including teeth whitening in London. Our professional teeth whitening is a safe, effective and entirely non-invasive procedure that can improve the look of your teeth by making them lighter. It is a routine procedure that dentists all around the world perform to enhance people's confidence.

At our dental centre, we believe in providing a comfortable experience to all those who walk through our doors. We carefully assess the health of your teeth, lifestyle and requirements to determine whether professional teeth whitening is suitable for you. We believe that teeth whitening goes hand-in-hand with good oral health and stress that the process benefits those who maintain their teeth the most. For this reason, we take the time to understand your unique requirements and educate you about the best dental care practices to follow.

If you'd like to learn more about our teeth whitening in London or schedule an appointment, please speak to us.

Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening?

Our professional teeth whitening in London is a popular procedure and with good reason. There are many reasons to choose it, such as:

  • Effective: Unlike dubious home remedies, professional teeth whitening is proven to work! It will make your teeth lighter and better looking.

  • Safe: Our teeth whitening is safe and doesn't negatively impact your health.

  • Quick results: We don’t do a single-visit in-office bleaching. It is done in 2 appointments. The first is to have impressions for bleaching trays and the second is to have the trays checked and to be given the whitening product with instructions to do the whitening at home.

  • Personalized treatments: When providing you with your teeth whitening procedure, we follow a hands-on approach. We provide you with the treatment that we know will work best for you.

  • Results: If you follow the correct dental hygiene practices, you can make the most out of your results.

  • Enhanced appearance: We know that discoloured teeth can bring down your confidence. Professional teeth whitening improves the look of your smile and gives your self-esteem a boost.

If you'd like to learn more about how our professional teeth whitening procedure in London can benefit you, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our team would be delighted to have a chat with you.

Reasons for Teeth Discolouration

When getting your teeth professionally whitened, it is crucial to understand the reasons for discolouration. Having the right information can make your results last longer. Some causes of teeth discolouration are:

  • Age: As we grow older, the exterior layer of enamel on our teeth wears down. This allows the yellow of the dentin layer underneath to show through.

  • Poor dental hygiene: Poor dental hygiene exacerbates the natural discolouration process.

  • Tobacco: It is no secret that smoking tobacco causes your teeth to become stained and yellowed.

  • Foods and drinks: The regular consumption of teeth-staining foods and beverages, such as tea, coffee, wine and blueberries discolours your teeth.

If you'd like to know more about the causes of tooth discolouration, please speak to us.

The Galleria Difference

At Galleria Dental Centre, we have been a popular choice for dental services in London for many years. When you choose our services, you can enjoy numerous benefits, such as:

  • Experience: We have years of dental services behind us.

  • Comfort: We are happy to address any anxieties you may have about dental treatment to try to make your experience as comfortable as we can.

  • Comprehensive services: We work hard to meet as many of your dental requirements under one roof as we can.

  • Personalized solutions: We tailor our services to meet your unique requirements.

If you'd like to know more about how our services can benefit you, please reach out to us.

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With our professional teeth whitening in London, you don't have to live with yellowed teeth anymore. We provide teeth whitening to enhance your confidence and improve the look of your smile.


We invite you to schedule an appointment at our dental clinic.

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