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Our Dentist's Office in London Outlined the Most Useful Denture Tips

dentist caring for a lady's denture

A good set of dentures will bring your confidence back to your smile. But to enjoy the rewards of dentures, you need to know how to care for them. Dentures come with specific care requirements. Just like regular teeth, your dentures are susceptible to plaque build-up and damages. Here is top-notch advice from our dentist's office in London.


Handle Your Dentures With Care

When you get dentures, ask your dentist how to care for them properly. Your dentures can be delicate if mishandled. It would be best if you never forced them in and or out. Learn how to put them in and remove them properly so you do not harm them while using them. And do your best not to drop them while washing them.

Be mindful when eating. At first, it will take some time to learn how to use your dentures when eating. Start with small bites and chew gently. Try to avoid particularly tough foods, and do your best to avoid using your teeth for anything other than eating or smiling, such as opening beer bottles, for example.

If you do break or damage your dentures, do not try and repair them at home. This can cause further damages, and DIY repairs will very likely damage your teeth and mouth.


Develop A Good Cleaning Routine

Just like your teeth, your dentures need to be cleaned regularly and properly. Failing to brush your teeth leads to the development of cavities. Similarly, not cleaning your dentures will damage them and lead to poor oral health.

Get into the habit of rinsing your dentures after each meal. You will always find some food stuck in your dentures after you eat. Quickly removing and rinsing your dentures after a meal removes this food and protects your oral health.

You will need to brush your dentures daily. Use a soft toothbrush and denture cleaning paste. Do not use regular cream toothpaste as it can cause deterioration of your dentures.


Remove Your Dentures Overnight

Remove your dentures while you sleep. This gives your gums and mouth important rest. Overnight it would help if you soak your dentures in water or a cleaning solution.

While water is perfectly acceptable to soak your dentures overnight, superior denture cleaning solutions are available. Soaking your dentures overnight ensures they remain clean. If your dentures begin to discolour or stain, soaking them in diluted vinegar can help solve this.

This might sound like overkill after rinsing and washing them regularly, but remember your dentures live in your mouth; you want them to be clean.


Visit Your Dentist's Office in London Regularly

Regular visits to the dentist are essential for anyone, but once you have dentures, you can't afford to miss a check-up. Your dentist will ensure your dentures are in good condition and will notice damage or irregularities you might not.

Your dentures will also need to be refitted every few years, and only your dentist can do that for you.

Learning How to Take Care of Your Dentures

If you follow our guide, you will keep your dentures clean and safe for a long time. If your dentures break or cause you any issues, come and visit our dentist's office in London immediately. Call us today with any questions about your dentures or visit our blog for more denture care articles.



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