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Galleria Dental Centre provides family dental care to the residents of Ontario. If you want to improve your oral health, read our blog focusing on proper oral hygiene.

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    Oral Hygiene Resolutions for 2020

    New Year gives us an opportunity to revaluate our life choices in the past year. Most of us make resolutions at the start of the new year to change an undesirable trait or behaviour. This new year, Galleria Dental Centre encourages you to make certain oral hygiene resolutions. We are family-friendly and welcome patients of all ages for dental checkups, teeth cleaning and fillings.

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  • Dental Care
    How to Manage Sensitive Teeth

    Do you feel an uncomfortable sensation in your teeth when you drink hot or cold beverages? Factors that cause teeth sensitivity include cavities, gum diseases and cracks in teeth. It is time you schedule a dental appointment immediately and get your teeth checked. For dental care in London, Ontario, visit Galleria Dental Care. Our services include family dentistry, implants, teeth whitening, root canal, fillings, cleanings, crowns and bridges.

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  • Children Dental Care
    How to Help Your Child Develop Good Dental Habits

    It’s important to start your kids down the path of proper oral hygiene at a young age. It’ll ensure they maintain their oral health and that they’ll develop good dental hygiene habits that’ll stay with them for the rest of their lives.

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  • Family Dentist in London Ontario
    Oral Health Can be a Mouthful

    At Galleria Dental Centre, we take every measure to provide our clients with a personalized and stress-free service at our family dental clinic in London. And to get the most of out your visits, we believe it’s important for you to know that proper oral hygiene is more than just healthy teeth. 

    Ask Questions!
    Here are some questions you should ask your family dentist during your next check-up in order to better understand your oral health.

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