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How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

dental crowns

Regular visits to the dentist are an investment in the good health of your teeth. So, you might be surprised when your dentist tells you that you need a dental crown. 

You might wonder how long do dental crowns last if you're making this investment in your teeth. 

Getting a dental crown can help preserve a struggling tooth and extend the life of your teeth. Read on to learn more about dental crowns and how long they last.


What Is a Dental Crown?

While you might have heard about dental crowns, you might be fuzzy on exactly what they do in your mouth.

You can get a crown if you have a damaged tooth from a chip, excessive decay, or a tooth break. The crown is an artificial cap that fits right over the top of your tooth to help to keep it from breaking

A cap might be made of:

  • Porcelain

  • Metal,

  • Porcelain fused over metal

  • Zirconia

The crown is created, to match the colour and shape of your other teeth to make them unnoticeable. 


How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

If you're concerned about the dental crown cost and are ready to invest, it makes sense to want to know how long the crown will last in your mouth.

In most cases, a crown will last about 10 years. With the proper care and maintenance, a crown can actually last much longer than that. The lifespan of your crown will depend on the care you provide and on your overall dental health.


How Can You Extend the Life of Your Dental Crowns?

You can do several things to extend the life of your dental crowns. 

First, make every effort to avoid clenching your teeth together or grinding your teeth together. When you do this, you run the risk of a crack or chip in the crown. If you grind your teeth in your sleep, you should wear a mouth guard. 

Be sure to continue to practice careful dental hygiene. Regular brushing and flossing keep the area around the crown clean and protected. 

You should avoid chewing on hard objects like ice or hard candy. Any of these behaviours could also chip or crack the crown. Also, avoid chewing on your fingernails. 


Is It Time to Replace Your Dental Crows?

Crowns are durable and can have a good lifespan. Yet, they can get damaged or deteriorate over time. 

You should see the dentist immediately if your dental crown cracks or chips. You don't want food and bacteria to build up under the crown. 

If you ignore a damaged crown, the tooth underneath can develop decay and create more problems. The tooth's integrity can be compromised. 


Compassionate Dental Care for Your Dental Crowns

 Wondering how long do dental crowns last is a good question as you consider the need for one in your mouth. Talk to your dentist about the specific material used for your dental crown and the expected lifespan. 

Contact Galleria Dental Centre with any questions you might have about getting a dental crown or other dental work you need.


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