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How to Manage Sensitive Teeth

Dental Care

Do you feel an uncomfortable sensation in your teeth when you drink hot or cold beverages? Factors that cause teeth sensitivity include cavities, gum diseases and cracks in teeth. It is time you schedule a dental appointment immediately and get your teeth checked. For dental care in London, Ontario, visit Galleria Dental Care. Our services include family dentistry, implants, teeth whitening, root canal, fillings, cleanings, crowns and bridges.

Tips to Help You Cope with Teeth Sensitivity

Five tips to manage sensitive teeth are:

  1. Change your toothpaste - There are several kinds of toothpastes available in the market today, which are designed specifically for sensitive teeth. Certain toothpastes have potassium nitrate in them, small quantities of which help people deal with teeth sensitivity. You should be consistent in your usage of this toothpaste and shouldn’t stop using it midway.

  2. Stay away from acidic drinks - Acidic fruits pickle and red wine can damage your enamel, leading to sensitivity. Try to limit consumption of these items. Make sure you are cautious about the food items and drinks you consume as they can cause enamel loss, which might be irreversible.

  3. Replace your hard brush with a softer one - Using a hard brush to aggressively scrub your teeth can further damage sensitive teeth. Brushing harshly has a negative impact on your teeth as it causes enamel wear. Change your brushing habits and switch to a brush with softer bristles to notice significant results.

  4. Don’t grind your teeth - People tend to grind their teeth while sleeping or while they’re awake when anxious. Most often, it is the root cause of headaches and jaw pain. If you have a teeth grinding issue, wear a teeth guard at night and try out different sleeping positions. During the day, make sure you consciously relax your jaw and keep your teeth apart.

  5. Pay attention to your gums - Usually, tooth roots are covered with your gum tissue. Brushing aggressively can lead to receding gums and root exposure which can cause the cementum to wear.

For dental care in Ontario, contact Galleria Dental centre. We’d love to provide you with teeth sensitivity relief.


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