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Is a Root Canal the Right Treatment for Me?

Woman in need of a root canal

Are you experiencing an ongoing and increasingly painful sensation from a tooth? Have you noticed a horrible taste in your mouth from time to time?

If so, then your dental provider might recommend a root canal procedure. The term sounds scary, but your experience doesn't have to be!


If you're looking for more details on what to expect and where to go, then we've got you covered. Read on to get informed and find out where you can get a root canal treatment London Ontario.


What Is a Root Canal?

An overwhelming 84% of Canadians believe they're in good or excellent oral health. This statistic is jarring considering the reality of the situation.

More Canadians suffer from tooth decay than you'd think

More Canadians suffer from tooth decay than you'd think.

When tooth decay reaches the inner layer of your tooth, it exposes your nerve. A decayed or broken tooth can still get repaired through a root canal, though.

This procedure removes the infection from the inside of the tooth and the tooth is then sealed to prevent re-infection. Your tooth is thus saved, and you'll be free of pain.


How Long Does a Root Canal Take?

Root canals are no simple matter. That's why it usually takes about two visits to complete the procedure. Your tooth needs to get cleaned out, sealed, and protected.

Expect each visit to take about an hour to 90 minutes.


Is a Root Canal Painful?

Pain management is an important aspect of dentistry. That's why there are plenty of numbing agents available for root canal patients. As with all our family dental care services we will do our best to give you a near painless experience.


Signs You Need a Root Canal

Despite your dentist's recommendations, you're in control of your dental health. Are you still not convinced you are in need of a root canal? Here are some clear signs you might and you need to consult a professional:

  • Swelling in the gums or area around the mouth

  • Tooth sensitivity that lingers

  • Chipped, cracked, or broken teeth

  • Sharp nerve pain

  • Tooth infection or visible abscess

Don't hesitate to book a consultation if you notice these signs.


Complications Of Root Canal

  • instrument fracture

  • perforation

  • crack/fracture of tooth if it is too weak


Side Effects After a Root Canal

Like all procedures, there are risks associated with root canals. The good news is that any side effects you experience will likely be mild. Here's an overview of common side effects after a root canal:

  • Numbness (until the anesthesia wears off in a few hours)

  • Mild pain

  • Tenderness

  • Gum Swelling

  • Soreness in your jaw

Always reach out to your dental professional if you get worried about a side effect.


Getting a Root Canal in London Ontario

Have you noticed the signs and symptoms of an infected tooth? have one or more of your teeth cracked or broken? Please, don't delay treatment any longer.

Are you ready to make an appointment at a dental centre? Our friendly staff is ready to help get you smiling again! Leave your contact information on our online form now to hear back from us ASAP.



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